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Only 450 euros can be your key for a long life!

You may believe that going to the hospital, making an appointment with a doctor, or having tests done is pointless if you are feeling good. However, everyone is exposed to several health concerns. Medical risks can be determined by a variety of factors ranging from personal habits to family predisposition (for example, family members with diabetes, heart disease, genetic changes, cancer, and so on).

Reduce your risk of disease with ACIBADEM’s personalized medical control programs in Istanbul.

Medical surveillance is critical in the early detection of illnesses. With only 450 euro you can make a Check-up in one of the best hospitals in ASIA, and you can visit Istanbul, eat Lahmacun and Kunefe.  Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU, Check-UpTraditional and Complementary Medicine Center in Atakent Hospital will offer more information.

What the patients need to know about Check-Up?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: A Check-Up is important for routine health control for every person.  It is important in the diagnosis of certain vitamin deficiencies, anemia, or asymptomatic diseases.  For certain diseases, patients need to undergo blood tests or radiologic examinations for follow-up. The check-up service may be useful in this instance.

What investigations are available?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: Detailed blood tests include complete blood count, blood glucose levels, kidney and liver function tests, blood cholesterol levels, hormone levels, serological tests for hepatitis or HIV disease, vitamin and iron levels, urine and stool tests. Radiological investigations contain a chest x-ray and an abdominal and thyroid ultrasound. If the patient is female an extra breast ultrasound or mammography is performed according to her age.

Patients also have a physical examinations in 5 different departments including cardiology, dentistry, a nutritionist, obstetrics and gynecology or urology according to sex and one more department that the patient can select.

How the patient should prepare for a full body control?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: They need to come on an empty stomach with at least 6 hours of fasting for the check-up. Comfortable clothes are preferable as during cardiological examination sometimes patients may need to take a treadmill test. After blood sample extraction and radiological examinations, the patient has breakfast which is included in the check-up package.

What documents they should bring with them on the hospital?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: If the patient has had previous examinations, they need to bring with them for comparison and if necessary to aid in the decision for extra radiological or laboratory tests.

Are there any restrictions if you have any allergies for a check-up?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: No. Because we don’t do any tests that require medication. According to the patient’s condition sometimes we recommend extra tests. In this case, we investigate the requirement for the test.

How long it takes to complete a full check-up?

Dr: YULET MİRAY MOLU: A Check-Up begins at around 8 am and roughly lasts until  1 pm, you should not eat, for a better scan. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should contact your doctor. Please do not use medicines, including vitamin C. In the last 2 days, don’t eat foods such as red meat, licorice, beets, spinach, mangold, radishes, and broccoli. For women, it is recommended that control not be done during menstruation.

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Mihaela Stroe teaches Nonverbal Techniques from the FBI to pilots!

Born in Dracula’s country, she is one of the top 100 successful young women entrepreneurs from Romania. 

Two series, “In the Mind of the Killer” and “Lie to Me – The Psychology of Lying”, have been popular for some time, and their protagonists, the charismatic Simon Baker, and the more famous Tim Roth, appear to be magicians capable of penetrating your mind and making you read your mind. They can read and interpret gestures and facial expressions in the same way.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence 42,525 €, and 2 years of preparation in Tuzla Regional School.
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In Dracula’s Country, you can become a line pilot with 42,525€.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence 42,525 €, and 2 years of preparation in Tuzla Regional School.

Robert Nane cadet promotion 2019. He managed to find a job                                                                                                                                    
after he finished school, at a top 10 airline company.
Robert Nane cadet promotion 2019. He managed to find a job
after he finished school, at a top 10 airline company.

In southeastern Europe, at Tuzla in Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea, you have the opportunity with 42,525,  to become a pilot. The most affordable price in Europe. Tuzla Regional Air School is one of the biggest academies from Romania with European facilities, new aircraft, and experienced instructors. Best pilots are born here. Every year pilots with ATPL frozen are going out into the world to fly for the big companies.

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What is the most dangerous, take-off or landing?

The take-off and landing phases are called critical phases. On the take-off phase, the acceleration is extremely high, the pilot manually controls it. It can appear possible hazards like fire, failure of one engine, bird strike, tire blowout, tail strike, incapacitation, rejected take-off.

Aviation Medicine

Disruption of the Circadian Rhythm on pilots increases the risk of cancer.

Double risk after 5000 flight hours and permanent exposure to radiation.

The risk of melanoma, the most prevalent form of skin cancer, is twice as high for pilots and flight attendants as it is for the general public according to several studies conducted in the United States. Every additional 900 m of altitude above sea level, increases the intensity of UV radiation. Higher exposure to ultraviolet rays passing through aircraft windshields and glass portholes at high altitudes, as well as the number of hours and circadian rhythm, are all factors contributing to this significantly higher occurrence explains Conf. Dr. Oncologist Leyla Özer- Acibadem Atakent Hospital Istanbul. 


What is Bowed Rotor Motoring (BRM), Boeing 737 – MAX?

The Bowed Rotor Motoring (BRM) performed by EEC is the main difference between the NG and
MAX (motor CFM Leap 1B) engine start procedures. While the crew moves the Engine, start
switch to GND, BRM (Bowed Rotor Motoring) begins straightening the N1 and N2 rotor shafts.
When the engines are turned off, the thermal build-up allows the N1 and N2 rotor shafts to bow.


Startle response and shock factor for PILOTS.

The startle response is a person’s voluntary physical protection against accidents or serious events. If the pilot believes the situation is serious or believes it poses a significant danger, he will experience extreme stress.

Aviation Medicine

Grounded pilots are the most affected people.

Experts: “The biggest emotion that arises in the pandemic was anxiety and depression”

Dr. Sena Sivri,

Clinical Psychologist

Acibadem Fulya Hospital

It passed more than a year in which as a population we have been hard tried. We have seen with our own eye’s times that only our ancestors they had to deal with them. More than half of the world’s airline pilots are no longer flying, because of the pandemic.


Visual Pattern, transition from Cessna to Boeing.

A pilot is not expected to have extensive knowledge of all traffic patterns from all airports. But if the pilot is familiar with the basic rectangular pattern it is easy to make departures and approaches from most airports. Just as roads are essential for operating cars, airports are essential for operating aircraft. 

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How to measure adrenaline better? On the ground or in the air?

He avoided death countless times, but fear is his friend. His life is shaped between airplanes and the most beautiful places on the planet. With a backpack and a limited budget, he has seen over 30% of the world’s countries. He loves adrenaline, and all that means danger.  Yassin Awane  (27 years old), is from Morocco, and is a flight attendant, with aspirations to become pilot, in the next 5 years.