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Aviation Medicine

What do you need and who is doing the examinations?!

The roots of aviation medicine in Romania were discovered in 1913. The year when Dr. Victor Anastasiu became our country’s first doctor with a pilot license and the founder of aviation medicine. More than 10.000 pilots coming to “Dracula” country annually to perform their medical examinations. A pilot’s class 1 revalidation medical examination takes approximately 45 minutes. The renewal is about 1 hour. It’s not necessary to fast before the test.

The medical examination for a class 1 pilot starts with the digital submission or completion of the application form.

Aeromedical Examiners (AMEs) are doctors with specialist aviation medicine training. They are certificated by the National Aviation Authority (NAA) to carry out aircrew and air traffic controller medical examinations. Romanian Civil Aviation Authority is a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency. Our aeromedical examiners are authorized under the European civil aviation regulations – 1178/2011 and R 340/2015. The medical certificates issued by them are recognized in all EASA member states.

In 45” you will take your certificate, if you are healthy!

The Romanian Ministry of Transport authorized a new aeromedical organization –LAMED FLY CENTER through the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority. Dr. Bakri Camelia, Molnar Marcel, and Lupu Leonard-Marin are the medical examiners for the pilots or cabin crew. The address is in Bucharest, close to the city center, Calea Floreasca, nr. 60, district 1, as follows:

– Class 1 and Class 3 – Medical revalidation/renewal services for medical certificates;

– Class 2 – Medical services for obtaining/revalidating/renewing medical certificates;

– Cabin Crew – medical services to obtain/revalidate/renew medical reports

The steps of the service are the following:

  • Identification of the applicant by identification card or passport;
  • Assessment of the applicant’s medical history;
  • Clinical examination using inspection, auscultation, palpation, and percussion of the following anatomical regions and systems (not limited only to them). Cardiovascular system (including measurement of blood pressure and heart rate); respiratory system; skin and lymphatic system; musculoskeletal system (including the size of height and weight). Additionally the digestive system; otorhinolaryngology (examination of the ear, nose, and throat, and hearing tests); most important-visual system (consisting of routine eye examination, distant and near visual acuity, the field of vision, binocular function, and color vision);
  • Analysis of the urine sample and blood tests;
  • Other medical examinations, tests and investigations considered necessary in accordance with aero-medical best practice;
  • Assessment of the applicant’s health status regarding the safe and secure accomplishment of their duties and responsibilities;
  • Filling of the medical reports.

What is the validity of the medical license certificate?

Consult the table based on your age.

under 40ATCClass 32 years
after 40 yearsATCClass 31 year
under 40PPLClass 25 years
under 50PPLClass 22 years
after 50 yearsPPLClass 21 year
under 60CPL / ATPLClass 11 year
after 60 yearsCPL / ATPLClass 16 months
Cabin CrewMaximum 5 years

The best price from Europe!

All examinations (revalidation/renewal) for pilot or cabin crew will last approximately 45 minutes, by appointment only (WhatsAPP +40723577452 Dr. Lupu), and the costs are:

Revalidation/renewal Class I – 100 EURO  
Revalidation/renewal Class III – 100 EURO
Initial Class II – 80 EURO  
Revalidation/renewal Class II – 70 EURO
Initial Cabin Crew – 100 EURO   Revalidation/renewal Cabin Crew – 100 EURO

Documents required for examination!

Documents required for examination:

Flight licence and medical licence, if applicable.

If you wear glasses, it is necessary to bring a medical prescription indicating the values of the refractive error correction.

In any case of pre-existing medical conditions, you must notify the medical examiner and provide all medical documents.

However, Romania has the best price compared with other countries from Europe where the revalidation is more than 175 Euro. Indeed we have one aeromedical military center and seven private aeromedical examiners in Bucharest. The program is from Monday to Friday. You can come directly from Europe with Tarom, Ryanair, or Wizz Air. Or you can choose Turkish Airlines from Istanbul: there are three flights per day.

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