Mihaela Stroe teaches Nonverbal Techniques from the FBI to pilots!

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Born in Dracula’s country, she is one of the top 100 successful young women entrepreneurs from Romania. 

Two series, “In the Mind of the Killer” and “Lie to Me – The Psychology of Lying”, have been popular for some time, and their protagonists, the charismatic Simon Baker, and the more famous Tim Roth, appear to be magicians capable of penetrating your mind and making you read your mind. They can read and interpret gestures and facial expressions in the same way.

Mihaela Stroe (43 years old), with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, a qualified nonverbal communication expert by a former FBI agent, also does these things! The Romanian businesswoman was introduced to the methods for speed reading people and to detect deception used by Joe Navarro. One of the founders of the Behavioral Analysis Department in the FBI, world-leading body language expert and professor at the FBI Academy. 

Your nose has the potential to reveal you!

A meeting with Mihaela Stroe is equivalent to a meeting with a psycho-sociologist, only that in front of her, you do not open your soul, like a therapist. She opens it for you, even if you do not want to.

“I read people who are lying, using their nonverbals. I feel their behaviors and attitudes by simply shaking hands or watching their legs. Our body is always telling the truth.”

Dr. Mihaela Stroe

According to the latest studies, people lie at least 3 times in 10 minutes! However, people who can observe and interpret nonverbal language efficiently, influence the way they are perceived by others. On the other hand, will be more successful in life than those who do not have this ability.

Inspires, motivates, and assists you in achieving your dream!

Pilots, business women or men, politicians, doctors, mothers, managers or team leaders, in a word, successful people are among Mihaela‘s clients every day. She is teaching them how to place themselves on the first place in their lives. How to be a resilient and empathetic leader at work, how to be productive and the most successful in business, and how to pass a hiring interview if you apply for top and middle management positions.

“Your first responsibility is to know yourself: to know your personal values ​​and life principles, to know what makes you happy and what brings you joy. To know what helps you relax, to know your personal mission, the list of personal needs. To identify the important areas in your life to focus your energy and time on and what are your dreams.”

Dr. Mihaela Stroe

How can you make money and become a business leader?

For over 20 years, Mihaela Stroe has been educating, motivating, and inspiring people who want to place themselves first in their lives. It does this through coaching programs, training, conferences, and written books.

“More and more people are impacted by what is going on around us and they really need assistance. People who have lost motivation and see the pandemic as the end of their life. I am here to support them regardless of their country of origin or nationality”

Dr. Mihaela Stroe

She is the only Behavioural Profiler in Romania especially trained by Joe Navarro, the best criminal profiler within the FBI in the last 100 years. Her books include “Being In Harmony with Myself!”, “Place Yourself First in Your Life!” and soon to be published this year “The Courage to Love Myself.”

Beatrice Filip, senior First Officer in a big company from Turkey, was prepared in carrier and life by Mihaela.

“I learned from Mihaela the importance of patience in life. Analyze every measured moment of your life and stick to the target you have set for yourself, no matter how daunting it might be. Mihaela taught me how to deal with Human resources assessments in aviation job interviews. I learned Body language secrets from her, and, most important, how to concentrate my attention on business. So I could get the funds I needed to attend pilot school. When you understand your life’s meaning and your purpose on this planet, you become a strong person. We have known each other for over a decade, from when I was a reporter. The coaching sessions are always as enjoyable as they were when we first met. Especially now, when foreign pilots flying for the top ten companies are technically unemployed, and waiting for a ray of sunshine to be able to see the sunrise and sunset from the sky again and smell the kerosene.”

Beatrice Filip, Pilot

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