In Dracula’s Country, you can become a line pilot with 42,525€

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Airline Transport Pilot Licence 42,525 €, and 2 years of preparation in Tuzla Regional School

Robert Nane cadet promotion 2019. He managed to find a job after he finished school, at a top 10 airline company

In southeastern Europe, at Tuzla in Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea, you have the opportunity with 42,525,  to become a pilot. The most affordable price in Europe. Tuzla Regional Air School is one of the biggest academies from Romania with European facilities, new aircraft, and experienced instructors. Best pilots are born here. Every year pilots with ATPL frozen are going out into the world to fly for the big companies.

Even is pandemic time, the schools all over the world are full of cadets. Analysts forecast that the aviation industry will start to recover in 2021. The industry will experience upward mandatory retirement and the companies will need a lot of pilots. Aviation will need 27,000 new pilots according to CAE prediction.

Tuzla Regional School, the cheapest school from South East Europe!

Very important: in Spain or Germany, it costs 83,995 $ to become a pilot when starting with zero experience. In Turkey is Around 100.000 $, and in the USA around 70.000 $.

Let us take a tour of the Romanian School, in a beautiful area, around the Black Sea. Is full of cadets from all over the world every year. And the prices are for all the pockets. You have the possibility to pay in 3 or more installments is saying Adrian Vasilache CEO of the School Regional Air Services.

Cadets will fly in solo flight to improve their skills.

“The total amount of payments is 42,525,  and they have the possibility to pay in 3 installments. For a Frozen ATPL course (CPL(A)/IR MEP) the students should fly a minimum of 200 hours in various airplanes DA 20, DA 42. The modular programs are special made to reduce the duration and cost of training. After graduating from the series of modular courses, you can have the chance to be part of our family and work as a flight instructor. The duration of the training is between 18 to 22 months. We offer accommodation in the complex of the school, and safety measures for actual times.”

Romanian Flag the pride of Dracula country.

Tuzla Regional Air School, the Romanian Pilot School located on the Black Seaside is a good example of how procedures and mechanisms should be defined, built, engaged, and verified. At the base of the system, there are people, instructors for ground training, for the simulator, and in flight. We offer for the students in the training programs; documentation, study materials, maps, manuals, forms, and dozens of other documents, all gathered in the Operations Manual, Procedures Manual, and Training Manual.

Make the school, and you get a very good job in aviation!

The pilot school has a design-friendly program, tailored from the start to suit most students. If necessary, to be able to perfectly fit the needs and specifics of each client is saying Mugurel Toma Instructor. “We have students from all over the world. They have many reasons to choose our school. If they are working, and they are doing the school in their free time, a modular training system is the best. There are additional rating and licensing courses that lead to the professional pilot who will graduate one day. We have a variety of options for cadets; for example ratings for the night flight, instrumental flight, flight on complex aircraft (with retractable landing gear and more than four seats). In our academy, multi-engine and technical pilot licenses (commercial) are mixed based on each student’s abilities and aptitudes. They can check more information on our website

Modular training, online lessons, flights in your free time.

What the school can never say from the beginning is how long a complete training program will take for a particular student. Why? Because flexibility, adaptability, and capability to adapt to each cadet are different.

 “There are also students who give up along the way. Or some who understand after many attempts to remove non-conformities that this is not their way. But most of the cadets, above all, succeed in achieving their dreams. Good price, friendly atmosphere, we are a family, we learn to cope with success, and the cadets are working hard, learn, flying. In conclusion, that is why our students come from all over the world. At Regional Air School you can meet Romanians, Moldovans (Republic of Moldova), Turks, Russians, citizens from the West, from the East, and even Americans. “is saying Mugurel Toma Instructor.

Responsibility and discipline are the secrets of success in aviation

In the Tuzla Regional Air School, there are cadets from all over the world.

Young cadets who have finished the academy are very pleased with the facilities and training they received. “Apart from meeting and working with great people and professional instructors RAS took me from having little to no knowledge about aviation and made me find the best of me and prepared me for the next step, becoming an airline pilot. It was also a great place due to its location and nearby activities. I had a great time overall” is saying Robert Nane Boeing 737 Pilot.

Robert Nane, pilot Boeing 737, Istanbul, ex cadet Tuzla Regional School.

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