How do you handle the psychologist interview for aviation!?


“Give real answers away from the anxiety of giving correct answers”

Dr. Sena Sivri, specialist in aviation psychology

While hiring new employees, most airlines use psychometric testing. An expert will perform tests of verbal and numerical reasoning, as well as other forms of aptitude testing. Specialist in aviation psychology Dr Sena Sivri will give us suggestions on how to pass the interview successfully.

Aviation Journeys: In every airline selection for pilots the candidate’s should pass a written personality, psychometric testing and face to face interview with a specialist. During the evaluation process, what does a psychologist look for?

Dr. Sena Sivri: Personality plays a large role in determining how an individual will respond to environmental stimuli. Pilots must be in constant interaction with the environment in the cockpit. They should be able to empathize with any colleague, in any situation.

Pilots should possess emotional stability!

The most important attribute that pilots should possess is emotional stability. They should also have a strong sense of responsibility. In this job, there is no place for personality crises.

Psychometric examinations assess candidates’ personalities. At the same time, behavioral types, cognitive abilities, motivational factors, and psychological characteristics. With all of these interviews and tests, assessors can determine if someone has psychopathology. What their strengths and weaknesses are, and get results that will help them grow.

Pay attention to non-verbal behavior!

Aviation Journeys: How should they prepare for this interview and how should they act?

Dr. Sena Sivri: More important than preparing for an interview is preparing for the job itself. Being a pilot makes you feel much stronger and more independent. Many young people aspire to work in this industry. Therefore, being aware of why you want the profession is the most important step.

The person needs to know himself very well. To know his strengths and weaknesses. To work on the things that can be improved, and if necessary, to get psychological help.

Give real answers away from the anxiety of giving correct answers.

When the time of the interview comes, it is necessary to give real answers away from the anxiety of giving correct answers. All these tests and interviews are prepared to reveal the true identity, feelings, and thoughts of the person. The examiners are paying attention to the non-verbal behavior of the candidates. In these types of interviews and tests, most people tend to present themselves differently. But these tests are prepared in such a way that they can determine this as well. For this reason, while trying to show ourselves better, we may unwittingly give answers that can lead to more negative results.

Aviation Journeys: Where do most potential candidates go wrong during personality interviews?
Dr. Sena Sivri: We often make mistakes by trying to make ourselves look different. We make this effort to get good results, but it often causes us to lose. Remember that experts do not evaluate you on the same criteria as you think. Behavior that you consider yourself weak may show that your personality trait is compatible and cooperative.

Be yourself in interviews!

At the same time, it is somehow wrong to prepare yourself for the questions and answers given by others in their interviews. Copying the answers of someone who passed the interview will not bring you success. Remember that the two of you have very different personality traits and please be yourself in interviews.

Aviation Journeys: What are the top 5 behavioral questions in an interview?

Dr Sena Sivri: Most behavioral interview questions can be separated into 5 groups. These five groups are problem-solving, working on a team, biggest failures, leadership and personal stress.

The following examples as the most frequently asked questions:

  • Tell us about a time where you had to overrule a superior’s decision and how  you went about it? 
  • Describe a decision you made that has been unpopular and how you handle it?
  • Give an example of a goal you reached and tell me how you achieved it.
  • Have you ever exceeded expectations and gone above and beyond in your role? When was that?
  • Tell me about a time when you failed. 

Give importance to personal space and needs!

Aviation Journeys: Jobs in the aviation industry are often high-stress. What is your advice for a good mental condition in the aviation field?

Dr. Sena Sivri:

  • Raising Awareness – Provide information, education and training; develop support  networks for information exchange; provide emotional and instrumental support;  provide mental health services; promote the formation of alliances of stakeholders  for mental health advocacy; and establish implement review boards. 
  • Prevention – Safeguard the mental health of your workforce by creating an open and  caring culture that makes staff feel supported and looked after. 
  • Culture – Create a culture of openness and awareness by encouraging people to talk  about mental health. Develop a mental health policy because having a concrete policy  reassures employees that their company cares about their well-being. 
  • Balance – In order to maintain the balance between work and private life, it is  necessary to give importance to personal space and needs. It is necessary to fill the  time outside of work with activities that will serve individual well-being such as  hobbies, sports and socialization.

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