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This journey will be an exciting experience for you. How can you get there? How much money do you need? 3 $ or 200 $? Have you ever seen a carpet made from cactus? Stay tuned and keep reading!

Morocco and Tangier have always been rich in their crafts and traditional leather industries. Made from the skin of goats and cows, such as shoes and bags, to leather, cloth diapers made of sheep’s wool, cotton from the coloured Jilbab, and handmade silky fabrics. 

Still, Tangier, an hour distance by ferry from Gibraltar, is a city rich with tourist attractions that fascinate, and you will undoubtedly want to go again.

From Malaga to Gibraltar!

I found it to be a fascinating experience, and I’ll guide you through it step by step. 

Briefly, I picked up a rental car from Malaga for 28 euros, plus insurance, and I dropped it off at the airport in Gibraltar.

After crossing the border and entering the airport, you will see “Rent a car” in the parking lot.

How I got from Gibraltar to Tangier

I took the taxi from Gibraltar airport, before the border between Spain and England. It’s a big taxi parking.

It was around 30 euros, and we made 20 minutes to Algeciras port. The cost for the ferry was 25 euros. You can use a credit card. We did 1h and half until Tanger Med. From Tanger Med to the city centre it takes one hour and we took the taxi (50 euro), ordered from the hotel. You also have the option to go directly in the port close to Medina old city, but you need to take the ferry from Haifa, European side.

I can recommend to you a very nice and modern hotel 4 stars, Marina Bay very close to the port, they are waiting for you with fresh fruit and nice orange juice. If you are lucky maybe you can upgrade to a better room.

Indeed my trip to Tangier with my best friend (March) lasted two days, enough to make an excellent impression. I asked reception if they could help me with a guide. Consequently, they offered us a very young guy, full of energy, that showed us the whole city – a very brilliant and handsome guy, he knew four languages. His name is Rida.

The five most beautiful places that keep your eyes focused!

1. Medina Old City

We start the journey in the old city of Medina, distinguished by its atmosphere that differs from neighborhood to neighborhood. From the Kasbah to the market of the interior and from the need of the interior to the big market.

2. Scarves and carpets from Cactus! 

Rida (25 years) knows some tips and tricks from all over this labyrinth named Medina Old City. We went to Mohamed’s silky handmade factory, which works only with old machines, handed by men. They make lovely scarves from cactus, and leaders from camels. The workers are paid very cheaply, 10 euros per day. The costs of the products: scarves are 30 dollars, carpets between 120-200 dollars depending on the model and size.

3. Cave of Hercules the gate to the Atlantic Ocean

One hour’s distance from City Centre, there is a beautiful place where you can see the Atlantic Ocean from inside a cave. “When you see it at first glance, it looks like a gate. From the sky where the sun sets,” explained Rita, who brings tourists from every country here every day. The price for the entrance is 10 dollars. The guide costs 60 dollars for half a day.

4. House of Yves Saint Laurent (Worth $10 million)

Tangier was and still is an exhibition showcasing the memories of famous people living there. Such as the French painter Matisse, the American writer Balbous, the designer Yves Saint Laurent, the richest American woman in Berberhattan, and many others. Overall Yves Saint Laurent’s house is impressive he has view on the Atlantic Ocean, an amazing swimming pool, and all the house Villa Mabrouka was designed by Jacques Grange. Yves wanted to explore the idea of a post-World War II eccentric Englishman moving to Tangier when he choose the villa design. (casa designer)

5. Lighthouse Cap Malabata Tangier

Notable at the top of the lighthouse, you can see a fantastic view. Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 300 m above sea level, one person’s entrance is around 5 euros.

6. $200 to $1,000 – The Expense For One Week in Tangier

In conclusion, a week in Tangier may cost you from $200 to $1,000, at the expense of the way of spending and the expense of the tourist’s well-being. In short in the streets of Tangier, you can eat from their inexpensive popular dishes that do not exceed 3 dollars (burek with beef and fresh, natural juice or homemade bread), or you can go to their more luxurious restaurants, which can exceed 20 dollars. 

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