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Digi24 (3 June, 2023)

La cină

She was a journalist, she worked in PR, she played music in the club, she organized events, she did everything that allowed her to earn a living and to fulfill her dream, that of becoming a pilot. Her passion comes from childhood, when her father took her to his work place.

Where was her first flight, how much does it cost to go to aviation school, what do pilots do when they reach cruising speed, what can you see if you fly at night, what an unwanted event she had in her pilot life and if Betty’s head in the clouds, find out in our show: “La cină”.

Radio România Actualități (19 May, 2023)

Între Prieteni

Today we have Beatrice Filip as a guest on our show. She is a pilot and transports passengers to different parts of the world in a Boeing 737.

She was a journalist, she worked in radio and television and although most did not believe she could, she managed to achieve her dream. Beatrice is now working for Turkish Airlines.

PRO TV (1 December, 2022)

Zi de bine, ROMÂNIA!

Thank you PROTV and Beatrice Zimța for the interview.

Thank you to all the instructors who guided my steps in my career Scoala de Aviație, Aeroclubul Clinceni, Ras Tuzla, my ex colleagues (pilots, cabin crew, technical department, occ, crew planning) from Blue Air, Meridiana, Tarom.

La mulți ani România. La mulți Ani PROTV. Mulțumesc pentru vizita la Istanbul.

Teşekkürler Türk Hava Yolları. Sizin için uçmaktan ve Romanya’yı özveriyle temsil etmekten gurur duyuyorum. Doğum günün kutlu olsun.

Prin Lumea Bună (11 June, 2021)

Realitatea TV (11 June, 2021)

Plus Matinal

Why Beatrice Filip decided to become a pilot after 10 years of journalism.

YouTube (26 May, 2021)

Dress Code – Interview with Mihaela Stroe

How important is the dress code in an interview?

What you need to know about one of the most important tests at the Group Exercises job interview, practical examples (aviation, business)?

The last part of the interview is about CRM, focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision-making in the cockpit.

I will discuss these topics in an online show with Dr. Mihaela Stroe – coach and trainer, bestseller author, doctor  of sociology & behavioral analyst, personally trained by former FBI agent Joe Navarro, internationally recognized as the best “criminal profiler” in the FBI’s history from the last 100 years.

YouTube (14 May, 2021)

Body Language – Interview with Mihaela Stroe

Do you know how much can Body Language help you in a job interview?
What do the current tests for an aviation work interview look like?
When interviews are conducted online via Skype or Zoom, what are the Human Resources specialists looking for?

I will discuss these topics in an online show with Dr. Mihaela Stroe – coach and trainer, bestseller author, doctor  of sociology & behavioral analyst, personally trained by former FBI agent Joe Navarro, internationally recognized as the best “criminal profiler” in the FBI’s history from the last 100 years.

Canal 33 (21 April, 2021)


The host, Romeo Chiriac, together with Beatrice Filip, commercial airline pilot for Turkish Airlines, ex-journalist.

In the ZOOM call – the therapist Ileana Vlăduț.

Radio DA (12 April, 2021)

DIASPORA ÎN DIRECT – Interview with Beatrice Filip

A lucrat în radio, presă scrisă și televiziune dar visul ei a fost să piloteze avioane.

Deși mulți din breasla jurnaliștilor, nu o susțineau, ba chiar glumeau pe seama dorinței ei, iată că ea a facut exact ce își planificase.

Și-a notat mici bilețele în camera ei pe care își scria dorințele, și încet-încet a mers spre ele.

Și a învins! Este “First Officer” la Turkish Airlines și trăiește în Istanbul.

Radio România (16 April, 2021)

Între Prieteni – with Beatrice Filip

The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company (Romanian: Societatea Română de Radiodifuziune), informally referred to as Radio Romania (Romanian: Radio România), is the public radio broadcaster in Romania. It operates FM and AM, and internet national and local radio channels. The local stations are branded under the Radio România Regional umbrella.

Radio Romania International is the company’s international radio station, broadcasting on two channels in Romanian, English, French, Aromanian, Spanish, German, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Arabic.

Aleph News (28 May, 2021)


This is the teaser for the show Știu where Beatrice Filip was a guest.

You can find the full episode at the following link:


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Hari Sas
Hari Sas
Captain Boeing 777
Turkish Airlines (ex-Emirates)
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Extra benefit for the pilot.

I am glad that I had the pleasure to meet you, and to participate together in the preparation of conversion company in Turkey. You are one of the bravest and most ambitious women, who had the strength to graduate from aviation school and to work side by side with men. The experience you have gained in life makes you succeed in everything you set out to do and often outperform yourself with the projects you complete. Good luck in everything you do, clear sky.
Serhat Selvitopu
Serhat Selvitopu
Instructor Boeing 737
Turkish Airlines
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Amazing video guide.

My Dear Student Beatrice, it is a pleasure to recommend you. From my point of view, you are a strong woman with a special character, who always faces any challenge. You have good CRM skills, and every time I saw you, you are working hard and trying to improve yourself. What is especially important for me as an instructor and captain is that you always respect the rules and you are a good friend and a colleague, always with sense of humor. Your project is amazing, and the E-book is great for all the cadets that are dreaming to fly an aircraft. They will find useful information about Body Language, what gestures to not make in the interview, how you should tackle the Human Resources interview and Technical Questions. Good luck to everyone, and clear sky!
Dan Bulzan
Dan Bulzan
Captain Boeing 737
Corendon (ex-Turkish Airlines)
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Secrets from aviation world.

Aviation Journeys is Highly informative, prepared me for potential interview questions. I learned my personal strengths and weaknesses and how they could be improved. It is an amazing project, you can learn a lot of secrets from aviation world, cockpit, management of flight preparation, incapacitation, cold weather operation, terrorism, and many other stories, that can help you in your career. For young pilots, it is a gold guide, 5 stars, you need for sure to have it in the kindle app.
Violeta Roman
Violeta Roman
Cabin Chief, Actor in our e-book
Tarom Airlines
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My dear colleague,

It was a pleasure to know you and specially to fly with you. From the very first flight, I had a feeling that you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. Always there to help, friendly, and joyful. During our flights together, you have always shown professionalism and bravery. Remain the brave and ambitious women you are. I read this book, and I watched the video CBT - it is real and valuable information for pilots who are going for an aviation interview, and also a good guide for real life cockpit management. The prices are good, compared with other books or websites and the information is amazing!
Walter Lang
Walter Lang
Examiner Boeing 737
Turkish Airlines (ex-Lufthansa)
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Eager to help everyone.

In recent years, I have had the pleasure of examining Beatrice Filip in the Boeing 737 simulator, author of the Aviation Journeys project and the book Aviation Journey for Smart People, she is an ambitious pilot woman, and strong, eager to help everyone. This unique project will help you better understand the notion of team, strategy, leadership, pilot life, flight preparation management, but you can discover also interesting notions that will help you pass the job interview more easily.
Hakan Sezgin
Hakan Sezgin
Captain Boeing 737
Turkish Airlines
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It helps pilots a lot!

I am proud of the project Aviation Journeys that you did in 6 months. You worked hard, and the junior pilots who aspire to a job in aviation will be happy to find in the book details about the technical interview, I read the questions, and they are all what they need, if they know Boeing manuals. There are questions that even if you go to fly 777, or Airbus 330, you need to know. And at Human Resources it helps pilots a lot, because they will find in detail exactly what they must answer, how to behave, what to wear, how to arrange, to be strong and get the interview. It’s also a wonderful guide for the pilots who want to change their company and try a new challenge.
Fares Sayadi
Fares Sayadi
Pilot Boeing 737
BlueBird Nordic
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Une source d'inspiration.

Je te remercie pour cet ouvrage que le jeune pilote que j'ai été aurait apprécié lire afin de le guider. Il est le fruit d'un travail méthodique, de profondes recherches et d'une solide expérience. Grace à ton livre, nous bénéficions tous de l'exemple d'une pilote expérimentée au parcours exemplaire. Tu as travaillé si dur pour ça. J'admire et salue cette belle initiative qui est à l'image de tes valeurs de partage et d'entraide. Les jeunes pilotes disposent désormais d'un outils pratique et précieux qui leur permettra d'avancer sereinement vers leurs objectifs. À titre personnel je te remercie pour ton attitude positive. Tu as été la première à me soutenir et me transmettre tes conseils. Cela m'a permis de garder le cap face aux intempéries et de réaliser un rêve d'enfant. Je ne doute pas que ton livre aidera également d'autres rêveurs et sera une source d'inspiration.
Andrei Nourescu
Andrei Nourescu
TV Host
Euronews Romania
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I am fascinated!

As a TV host I would always make a story about this unique project, the life of a pilot at a job interview, what he needs to know, and what he needs to answer, but also the path he must take from small planes to Boeing 737, or Airbus. I am not a pilot, but I have traveled thousands of miles as a sports fan, and journalist, and I am fascinated by what Beatrice wrote in the book, you can find information on Human Error, CRM, Incapacitation, Terrorism, Boeing 737 Max, and other useful information. And I like to mention the quality of the CBT videos, due to talented Maria Petrica, a professional producer and video editor.
Mariana Vatamanu
Mariana Vatamanu
TV Producer
Rai, Italy
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A great project!

I am proud that we had the opportunity 10 years ago to work together in Romania at the biggest charity events that we organized to help orphaned children. I wish you to further fulfill all your dreams. You have proven that you can achieve whatever you set out to do in life. You were a good journalist and now you are a pilot and you are writing books. When it comes to friends and friendship, many leave, few remain. You are among those who remain, a strong woman with a lot of dreams and big ambitions.
Costin Roman
Costin Roman
HSE Manager
GSP Offshore (Oil Platform in the Black Sea)
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I congratulate you...

...for this interesting project, I do not work in the field of aviation, but the second chapter of the book is fascinated for the world in which I work, business. It is a useful guide for those who want to participate in a job interview in another field, regardless of profession you work, you always need to know how to behave, what means Body Language, how to look, what gestures not to do, how to speak, what to say, things that make you a leader in everyday life.
Petre Minea
Petre Minea
Captain Boeing 737
Air Bucharest
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It is a GOOD guide!

Aviation Journey for Smart People gives a better idea of what to expect in the interview and therefore give you more confidence. Congratulations for this project, it is a good guide when you really need to participate on an Aviation Interview. If you don’t have any idea, no problem you can find even the questions in this e-book.