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on board!

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in a unstoppable manner.”
Les Brown

About the Ebook 

I have created this book for motivated people like me, who worked hard to achieve their goals, never giving up when encountering setbacks. This is a book created for pilots, but also a guide for passengers who love to travel and want to be always informed. We breathe a sigh of relief after a difficult year - 2020. It was a year in which we were all tried to balance numerous factors: mental, social, financial, professional, and family life.

I believe that there is a winner in everyone’s soul. We invite you to read the book, “Aviation Journey for Smart People”.

By means of it, we share information about how to prepare for the Aviation Interviews, Human Resources, Group Exercises, Body Language, Pilot Aptitude Test with explanations, and suggestions for solutions. We offer a series of 250 Technical Questions and Answers (Feedback from pilots), Simulator Preparation, Charts Briefing, carefully selected from company manuals, which assessors use in all aviation interviews. In the second part, we invite you to the magical world of the cockpit at 10,000 m to discover together the secrets of aviation.



Stay tuned! 

We're preparing an amazing video-journey trough the most important

information, guidelines and tips & tricks, all based on our e-Book.

The video book format will keep you in suspense from the first chapter to the last one. The special effects and the visual edit created especially for this project by my partner, Maria Petrica, will carry you in the "pilot mood". You'll feel  everything the professionals get when they are in the cockpit. 

To achieve your dream, certain rigorous tests on an interview assessment you have to pass first. If you go through each chapter of these E-book and Video book, you will understand how to behave at the job interview, what gestures not to do, how to look at the interlocutor, what to answer, how to solve the aptitude tests, and many other useful information that will be helpful to you on your way toward the success. Remember each of you is a leader, you must believe in your strength. 

The first 200 customers who buy the book will have free access for 7 days to the

Aviation & Space Psychology Quiz and Game, and 20% OFF of every PACKAGE below

They will enter automatically in our lottery! The big prize is a medical check-up

at the largest and best performing hospital in Turkey, ACIBADEM.

Our SKILL Package will be available soon!


30.99 15.50

/ 3 mo

simple, fast and effective move: 

  • Quizzes. More than 500 questions.
  • Systems, LVO, AFM, FCTM Boeing 737 CL, NG, MAX, Airbus 320, 321.
SKILL Package

50.99 25.50

/ 6 mo

simpler, faster and more effective move: 

  • AVIATION11BM - Aviation & Space Psychology Quiz and Game based on the DLR exam

Mihaela Stroe teaches Nonverbal Techniques from the FBI to pilots!

Born in Dracula’s country, she is one of the top 100 successful

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Airline Transport Pilot Licence 42,525 €, and 2 years of preparation in Tuzla Regional School.

In Dracula’s Country, you can become a line pilot with 42,525€.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence 42,525 €, and 2 years of preparation in

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What is the most dangerous, take-off or landing?

The take-off and landing phases are called critical phases. On the take-off

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Disruption of the Circadian Rhythm on pilots increases the risk of cancer.

Double risk after 5000 flight hours and permanent exposure to radiation. The

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What is Bowed Rotor Motoring (BRM), Boeing 737 – MAX?

The Bowed Rotor Motoring (BRM) performed by EEC is the main difference

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Startle response and shock factor for PILOTS.

The startle response is a person’s voluntary physical protection against accidents or

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hari sAS
Captain Boeing 777 
Turkish Airlines (ex-Emirates)

Extra benefit for the pilot.

Aviation Journeys is a wonderful project, designed especially for cadets in the Aviation Academy, but also a useful guide for pilots who are going to Aviation Interview. eBook, and video book, combine together in the smallest details, data about everything you need to know at the job interview, human resources, group exercises, technical questions, secrets behind the curtain, but also Beatrice, and her team learn you how you should answer, is an extra benefit for the pilot who is stressed anyway regardless of the notions which he knows when he is in front of the commission.

Serhat Selvitoplu
Instructor Boeing 737 
Turkish Airlines

Amazing video guide.

My Dear Student Beatrice, is a pleasure to recommend to you, and your Team from Aviation Journeys. From my point of view, you are a strong woman with a special character, who always faces any challenge. You have good CRM skills, and every time I saw you hardworking and always trying to improve yourself. What is especially important for me like instructor and captain you always respect the rules, and you are a good friend, colleague, every time with sense of humor. Your project is an amazing guide video, and the E-book for all the cadets that are dreaming to fly an aircraft. They will find useful information about Body Language, what gestures to not make on the interview, how you should answer in the Human Resources interview, or Technical Questions. Good luck to everyone, and clear sky.

Captain Boeing 737 
Turkish Airlines

Secrets from aviation world.

Aviation Journeys is Highly informative, prepared me for potential interview questions. I learned my personal strengths and weaknesses and how they could be improved. It is an amazing project, you can learn a lot of secrets from aviation world, cockpit, management of flight preparation, incapacitation, cold weather operation, terrorism, and many other stories, that can help you in your career. For young pilots, it is a gold guide, 5 stars, you need for sure to have it in the kindle app. 

ABOUT Beatrice Filip

Hi, I'm Betty and my motto is "Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable, follow your dreams, do the impossible, the sky is the limit”. Of late years I have invested a lot in my personal, professional, and spiritual development. 

I learned from the best specialists how to be in harmony with yourself, how to be the first one in your life, how to be orderly, how to coordinate a business. Essential things without which you cannot become a successful leader and take your business plans to a high level. 

I am incredibly grateful to Mihaela Stroe, motivational speaker, author, coach, and the best trainer from Romania. Everything I have accumulated in over 20 years of life experiences from television, radio, newspaper, human resources, marketing, publicity, aviation, given me the ability to launch a project, and to encourage young people with aspirations for a pilot job to follow their dream.

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