My dear colleague, it was a pleasure to know you and specially to fly with you. From the very first flight, I had a feeling that you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. Always there to help, friendly, and joyful. During our flights together, you have always shown professionalism and braveness. Remain the brave and ambitious women you are. I read this book, and I watch the video CBT is a real information for pilots who are going at an aviation interview, and a good guide also for real life, cockpit management. The prices are good, comparing with other books or website, and the information is amazing.
Violeta Roman/ Cabin Chief Tarom/ actor in our e-book
In recent years, I have had the pleasure of examining Beatrice Filip in the Boeing 737 simulator, author of the Aviation Journeys project and the book Aviation Journey for Smart People, she is an ambitious pilot woman, and strong, eager to help everyone. This unique project will help you better understand the notion of team, strategy, leadership, pilot life, flight preparation management, but you can discover also interesting notions that will help you pass the job interview more easily.
Walter Lang /  Examiner Boeing 737,
Turkish Airlines (ex-Lufthansa)
I am proud of the project Aviation Journeys that you did in 6 months. You worked hard, and the junior pilots who aspire to a job in aviation will be happy to find in the book details about the technical interview, I read the questions, and they are all what they need, if they know Boeing manuals. There are questions that even if you go to fly 777, or Airbus 330, you need to know. And at Human Resources it helps pilots a lot, because they will find in detail exactly what they must answer, how to behave, what to wear, how to arrange, to be strong and get the interview. It’s also a wonderful guide for the pilots who want to change their company and try a new challenge.
Hakan Sezgin  /  
Captain Boeing 737 Turkish Airlines
As a TV host I would always make a story about this unique project, the life of a pilot at a job interview, what he needs to know, and what he needs to answer, but also the path he must take from small planes to Boeing 737, or Airbus. I am not a pilot, but I have traveled thousands of miles as a sports fan, and journalist, and I am fascinated by what Beatrice wrote in the book, you can find information on Human Error, CRM, Incapacitation, Terrorism, Boeing 737 Max, and other useful information. And I like to mention the quality of the CBT videos, due to talented Maria Petrica, a professional producer and video editor.
Andrei Nourescu / TV Host Romania 
I am proud that we have the possibility 10 years ago to work together in Romania at the biggest charity events that we organize to help orphaned children. I wish you to further fulfill all your dreams. You have proven that you can achieve whatever you set out to do in life. You were a good journalist, now you are a pilot, and you are writing books. you managed to launch an interesting project, in which we as readers and passengers can find information about preparing a flight, about the incapacitation of the pilot, about extreme weather conditions, meteorological phenomena.
Mariana Vatamanu/Producer TV Italy)
I congratulate you for this interesting project, I do not work in the field of aviation, but the second chapter of the book is fascinated for the world in which I work, business. It is a useful guide for those who want to participate in a job interview in another field, regardless of profession you work, you always need to know how to behave, what means Body Language, how to look, what gestures not to do, how to speak, what to say, things that make you a leader in everyday life.
Costin Roman/ HSE Manager at GSP Offshore
(Oil Platform in the Black Sea)
Aviation Journey for Smart People it gives a better idea of what to expect in the interview and therefore give you more confidence. Congratulations for this project, it is a good guide when you really need to participate on an Aviation Interview. If you don’t have any idea, no problem you can find even the questions in this e-book.
Petre Minea/ 
Captain Boeing 737 Air Bucharest