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Are you tired of looking on all the sites for help information regarding your pilot career, or pilot interview? Are you interested about valuable information related to certain topics such as:

  • Body Language
  • Technical Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Pilot Aptitude Test
  • Flight Management
  • CRM and Human Error
  • Cold Weather Operation
  • Incapacitation
  • Aeronautical Medicine
  • Windshear
  • Narrow Runway Fatigue Management
  • PBN, Etops, Steep Approach
  • How to use Weather Radar
  • How to prepare for Psychological Interview.

You are on the write builder.  E -book Aviation Journey for Smart People, Video Book eLearning , CBT training, System Quiz Boeing 737, NG, Max, Airbus, Reasoning, Numerical, Verbal test, Questions with conclusion from our Acibadem Doctors specialist are waiting for you.

CBT Courses

Loss of airplane control in flight is a major factor of fatalities in the commercial aviation industry. Additionally, many reasons for upsets are associated with the environment, in which case avoidance is the best solution, but is not always possible, wake turbulence, clear air turbulence, thunderstorms, mountain wave, icing. Therefore, pilots must have the necessary knowledge and skills to recover an upset airplane. It's just an example. We prepared for you a training collection of CBT Learning Courses about Etops, Weather Phenomena, Weather Radar and more other subjects.  They contain a lot of tips from experienced instructors and professional pilots. Nice design and easy reading are included.


Would you like to test your knowledge, your abilities and your reaction speed? Welcome to our practice based collection of  Quizzes from systems: Boeing 737 CL, NG, MAX, Airbus 320, 330, 340; Low Visibility, Performance, Meteorology, Winter Operation, Etops, Road Charts. From 20 to 100 questions, they are based on the feedback from the pilots who have participated in the job interviews in the last two years. Stay tuned and connected on our website cause we have a lot of surprises and take a tour of our special Packages.


You know what leadership is? What means a good CRM? What means a good Captain? And how should be the atmosphere in the Cockpit. In this section you can hear nice words from people who reached the top of the pyramid, the successful people who offered me the school of life.


Are you are pilot, and do you have a hobby? Just give us the chance to discover you! In this section we are presenting talented people who are working in aviation or people with interesting hobbies.

  • What is new in aviation?
  • Why to start the Aviation school?
  • What aircrafts are in prototype?
  • What is the drones future?
  • How will look like the next century with Robots in the aircraft?
  • Do you want to fly such an aircraft?


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Will aviation industry bounce back all over the word? Will aviation recover? Why aviation stopped and the people are afraid to fly. Why aviation is important in our century? Is safe to fly or I can get infected? Can I start the aviation school, or is waste of time? Boeing Max will dethrone NG in a short time? What are the modifications made for the Boeing MAX.? These are some of the ideas that come to your mind. Answers that you will find on the site offered by specialists in the field of aviation, business, and medicine. We are not a news magazine, but whenever something important is happening, we will keep you updated with fresh information, and with useful documentary carefully selected for you.