Upset recovery!

Loss of airplane control in flight is a major factor of fatalities in the commercial aviation industry. Additionally, many reasons for upsets are associated with the environment, in which case avoidance is the best solution, but is not always possible, wake turbulence, clear air turbulence, thunderstorms, mountain wave, icing. Therefore, pilots must have the necessary knowledge and skills to recover an upset airplane. We prepared a CBT learning with tips from instructors, professional pilots, with vast experience and a nice graphic design that will make your reading easy.

Major Differences Boeing 737 CL/NG/MAX

The 737 was, and still is, a prestigious aircraft and a great success story for Boeing. In fact, it was the best-selling commercial aircraft to date. In production for over 50 years, it is one of the best-selling aircraft, has been continuously modified and updated through many variants - part of its success story. This course presents the main differences of each 737 family - Original, Classic, Next Generation and MAX with information, and secrets from pilots with experience in aviation.