Beatrice Filip  //  Author

"Believe in yourself & you will be unstoppable, follow your dreams, do the impossible, the sky is the limit”.

Hi, I'm Betty and I have invested a lot in my personal, professional, and spiritual development. I learned from the best specialists how to be in harmony with yourself, how to be the first one in your life, how to be orderly, how to coordinate a business. Essential things without which you cannot become a successful leader and take your business plans to a high level. I am incredibly grateful to Mihaela Stroe, motivational speaker, author, coach, and the best trainer from Romania.

Everything I have accumulated in over 20 years of life experiences from television, radio, newspaper, human resources, marketing, publicity, aviation, given me the ability to launch a project, and to encourage young people with aspirations for a pilot job to follow their dream. Destiny gave me the chance to fly for prestigious companies, where I learned from the best specialists, how important is communication, respect, team, training in the simulator, to be well prepared for non-normal situation, and all the time to cope with success, and to be a good pilot, very well trained. I start writing this book last year in my long layovers, after I search the market and I check the needs of the cadets, junior pilots.

And I had the idea to make a precious guide with a lot of information especially useful for an assessment, Body Language, technical questions, aptitude pilot test, line training program in the company, what you should expect for your instructors, how is the life in the cockpit, how you should act like a good FO, what is CRM, how you should manage the relation with your Captain, with your partner with who you will spend 2 hours or 10 hours. You will encounter different mentalities, and if you are not strong you will not survive in a cage with lions. I also integrated some CBT lessons in the book and also in the video with the most important aspects and details from the books.

The ideas do not stop here, we will prepare all kinds of useful information that you will help you during our journey. "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing"- Walt Disney.

Raluca Maria Petrica // Video Editor, Content Designer
"Take me as I am or don't,  cause I don't accept halves of the measure" - Freddie Mercury

Hi, I'm Maria, and I like to create and develop wonderful concepts and implement them through my video executions. I'm flying gently trough the million ideas per minute that Betty can emit and I'm working at putting them in the better shape and vibe, through images, colors and sounds.

For more than 20 years I was part of Antena Group, the second largest broadcasting group in Romania, spending 10 of them in the Creative Department. My work range covered several concepts and types of executions: from classic promos to advertorials and editorial support for the TV shows of various genres.

I love to Keep Calm and crEdit On, so all my friends are calling me Mama Zen.

Our Collaborators

Dr. Sena Sivri, Psychologist  //  Acibadem Fulya

"Staying in constant communication is especially important at this point".

Hi, I'm Sena Sivri, Psychologist from Istanbul, Turkey. For more than eight out of the ten years of experience gained so far, I'm member of Acibadem family, at Fulya Hospital. I ensure the coordination between patients, family members, medical staff, administrative staff, or regulatory agencies. I control and try to balance normal and abnormal mental states in the processes and cognitive, emotional, and social behavior, by observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to each other and to the environment. Through the meetings I have with the patient, I try to solve the cause, and to discover the start that led to the problems he is facing. I am very happy to collaborate with the Aviation Journey's team, by providing useful information related to my experience, for pilots but not only for them.

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